Cristo Rey Jaén School is a Catholic Spanish school from the southern part of Spain. The school is located in the Andalusian region. The majority of the student body belong to a middle socioeconomic status. The centre  offers teaching in preschool, primary, secondary, post-secondary level and special education, as well as others educational programmes, which students are able to attend as extralessons (English, Sports or Robotics). This situation has resulted in motivated &experienced students, teachers and parents. Our centre is a Bilingual School at primary education. Also, some areas as sciences and music are part of the bilingual program in the first course of secondary school and will be gradually established at all the academic levels at our school.

The centre is exploring methodologies in integrating foreign and maternal languages within the curriculum. Indeed, the centre is integrating the Bilingual Structure at post primary school. The main project plan of the centre is focused on innovation in teaching &learning techniques, analysing methodological approaches to integrating new technologies into the classroom and we are goal-oriented towards cooperation with European schools, thus promoting the European unity and identity for our students’ benefit. Our works have opted towards responding efficiently to new situations and have created plans and programs to promote education in values, to empower education for justice and to give priority to attention to diversity. Communication, open mind and team working are one of the fundamental pillars upon which the Colegio Cristo Rey Jaén was built. For us, it is also important to generate resilience abilities in students and to offer them an education in moral values. Friendship and an education in values and rights are essential elements to develop our students skills.